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The History | The Journey | Swiftpoint CEO

 About Us...

Swiftpoint is a technology development company with offices in New Zealand and the US, specialising in advanced Human Computer Interface (HCI) software and devices. The company's technologies integrate mouse pointer and touch gesture inputs to enable users of tablets, notebooks, smartphones and PCs to intuitively combine the high accuracy and efficiency benefits of a mouse with the gesture functions now standard in modern operating systems.

Swiftpoint has filed patents worldwide, related to HCI innovations, many of these in the field of touch and gesture technology.

The company's latest product Swiftpoint GT™ has won the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award in the Computer Peripherals category and an Innovation Award in the Computer Accessories category.

Swiftpoint GT is the first mouse for Windows 7, 8 and 10, Android, Mac OS X and iOS that allows truly natural touch gestures without having to touch the screen or use a touch display. It is ultra-small, with a unique ergonomic design, internal rechargeable battery and offers a wireless connection via Bluetooth 4 or a USB receiver. It is an ideal device for people on the go who want to combine the benefits of touch-optimized operating systems and applications with productivity, convenience and precision of a mouse.

The Swiftpoint GT mouse is an evolution of the company's innovative portable mobile mouse that has won numerous international awards including the 2011 CES Innovation Award. The ergonomic pen-grip design caught the attention of Popular Science magazine, where it made the magazine's "Best of What's New" list. The Wall Street Journal rated the mouse above the best mobile mice from Logitech and Microsoft, and the mouse went on to become a top seller on

The Company is led by its Founder and CEO Grant Odgers, an inventor and entrepreneur with significant international experience. Grant built and tested his first "mouse and keyboard replacement" device 20 years ago and has since published many user interface research papers. His work received recognition by the Australian Computer Society and he has featured on CNN and BBC as an innovator of user interface devices.

Prior to founding Swiftpoint Grant worked at a wide range of companies including The Home Shoppers Network, U.S. Government Departments in Washington, D.C., and Air New Zealand. He also co-founded one of the first specialist video game stores in New Zealand and made it the largest store in the country.

In his role as the Swiftpoint CEO, Grant Odgers is supported by a professional Board of Directors including Mike Chisholm, a technology entrepreneur with a track record of building multi-million dollar businesses, and Dennis Row, whose background includes CEO roles in international technology companies and a top management positon in a prominent venture capital fund.

The Swiftpoint senior management team includes highly experienced professionals with decades of experience working in leading international companies including public companies listed on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.

The History of Swiftpoint and the Swiftpoint Mouse...

Over ten years ago software engineer and Swiftpoint founder Grant Odgers decided that his laptop's touchpad was preventing him from being a truly mobile computer user. Grant, like many others he discovered, found touchpads to be very inaccurate and inefficient substitutes for a mouse. However, if he wanted to be able to use his laptop away from a table or desk, there was really no other alternative. So Grant slipped on his inventor’s hat, convinced some friends and venture capitalists to invest in his ideas and began working on a concept for a small, portable mouse that could actually be used on your laptop surface itself.

In 2008, the company introduced two revolutionary mice concept designs, the “Swiftpoint Slider” and “Swiftpoint Triped”, at CEBIT in Hanover, Germany. The CEBIT unveiling attracted enormous attention, including coverage by international media and interviews with the BBC and CNN. With this strong interest for the Swiftpoint products, in particular for the Swiftpoint Mouse, a decision was made to channel resources into launching this flagship product.

Our focus is on improving efficiencies. We believe that the current options of computer laptop touchpads and mice do not provide the most efficient or convenient experience for users, and we are striving to change this with the Swiftpoint Mouse. It has been a long journey that has included some serious investment in research and design, the development and testing of multiple product concept variations and many rounds of user testing.

The Journey...

With the help of Bowmast User Experience & Design Research...Here's how we did it

Starting point

We began with 8 working prototypes.
Each had different combinations of shapes, features and functions. (button position, grip surfaces etc.)

Usability study

To compare and evaluate ergonomics and ease of use for each version, we carried out qualitative research with a demanding sample of the target market.


Observing natural behaviour

During ‘test drives' we observed natural behaviour and use. We captured valuable feedback relating to each prototype, as notes and on video.

Seeing the wood for the trees

Our analysis process made sense of a sea of data, mapping detailed observations and feedback to specific design features.

Patterns and themes

Clear overall themes emerged, allowing product designers to clearly see what worked well, (and what didn't) amongst the 8 prototypes.

Iterating the design

Findings from the analysis suggested likely shapes, features and functions to roll into the next round of 4 prototypes.

...and importantly, which to leave behind.

Diary study

We gave 4 new prototypes to a fresh and diverse sample of laptop users.

They recorded their experience of using each mouse in different contexts, then talked us through their experience in a series of exit interviews.

To find out how we arrived at the final design, read the full story.

Thanks to Bowmast for allowing us to re-publish his material here.

CS Swiftpoint prototypessm




CS swiftpoint analysis1sm


The outcome of these efforts was the launch of the Swiftpoint Mouse in 2010 and we are so happy with it that we decided to make the claim that “it will change the way you use your laptop ... forever”.

The Swiftpoint Mouse is small and portable and feels very natural to use due to its pen-like grip. Requiring only the palmrest beside the laptop touchpad to operate, the Swiftpoint Mouse provides for laptop computer users freedom without compromise: The freedom to use their laptop to work and play, whenever and wherever they wish, while still maintaining the functionality and performance they want from a mouse.

Swiftpoint CEO

 grant small.jpg

Grant is the founder, CEO / CTO of Swiftpoint and the inventor of Swiftpoint‘s technologies.  

Grant has a passion for advancement in HCI (Human Computer Interaction). He built and tested his first "mouse and keyboard replacement" device 20 years ago and has since published many user interface research papers. In 2007 he received recognition by the Australian Computer Society and his paper was presented at the annual user interface conference held at the University of Ballarat. His inventions have received best of class recognition by the Wall Street Journal, and Popular Science magazine, and he has featured on CNN and BBC as an innovator of user interface devices.

Grant started his career as a Software Engineer. On completing a Business Computing Diploma majoring in COBOL he received the award for 'most outstanding student', and won a scholarship at the Unisys Linc Development Centre in Christchurch (now called ‘Jade Software’).  He was employed under this same umbrella of companies for seven years.
During this time he was employed as a software engineer and project manager, working with a wide range of companies in many business sectors in NZ and the US, including, Air New Zealand, The Home Shoppers Network, and U.S Government Departments in Washington DC.

At the age of 26 he co-founded one of the first specialist video game stores in New Zealand. It fast became the largest store in the country.

Grant is married with three children and lives in a picturesque rural town on the outskirts of Christchurch, New Zealand.  In his spare time you might find him playing indoor cricket, fishing with his son or tinkering about with the next idea he would like to introduce to the world.




To get in touch with any of the Swiftpoint Team, feel free to email us at  You can find other ways of reaching us by visiting our Contact Us page.